Our Engagement

The Proposal and the Ring:

Omar told me make absolutely no plans for Valentines week and weekend. He kept me in suspense (and annoyed lol). On February 13, 2015, as I came home from work he told me I had 5 minutes to get ready, he had already picked out my outfit for the evening. 5 minutes?! To shower, do my hair and makeup?! So I took 15 minutes… He took me to the Trump Hotel Downtown Chicago for a couples’ massage. I enjoyed the entire two-hour experience, and then realized we were heading home. I couldn’t understand why we were dressed so fancy and our clothes were in lockers for the evening at the spa… I walked in the door to our apartment; candles and rose petals led us from the door to the center of the living room.  He pointed to our wall plaque “Home is Where Our Story Begins” and explained that in our new home we will begin this next chapter and he got down on one knee…He asked me to be his wife!!!! AHHHHHH.

At that moment all his sneaky plans during the week made sense…. when I said yes, Chandra and Georges, our best friends from Miami came running out of our bedroom! They flew in for the proposal and spent the day with Omar planning our evening, and then set up with our friends while we were at the spa. It was an amazing night!

Who did you call as soon as it happened?

My mom and dad, they were in Trinidad. I had no clue if they knew this was happening. (They knew all along)
Then I went straight to my GroupMe chat with the rest of my best girlfriends and sent them a picture of the ring!!

The Gem Story:

Omar: I knew from months before the proposal what she wanted. I asked her best friend/matron of honor, Chandra, almost 6 months before the proposal to gather info and find the style she likes. It was a solitaire round cut, timeless and classic. I thought it was beautiful and knew she would love it. Hardest part was hiding it in the house for a month!

Shelissa: It is beautiful!! I loved it right away.